Children’s Bibles for Romania

Eastern European Mission is offering a bundle of age-appropriate Bibles and materials for character development for children and teenagers of Romania. All materials are provided as a charitable donation to legal entities working with the youth in Romania, completely free of charge.


What is included in the bundle?

A Bible for Children, a Bible for Teenagers, Bible Coloring Books, Newcomer’s Guide to the Bible and Lessons in Chracter for Kids. A detailed description of our materials can be found on the “Our Books” page.

Who can request the books?

The Bibles for the Youth of Romania bundle can be requested by any Romanian legally registered entity engaged in spiritual, moral, or educational development of kids and teenagers. This includes public and private schools, public libraries, univeristies, orphanages, juvenile centers, youth camps, churches, and NGOs.

How do I request the bundle?

Please fill out our online request form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

How many copies can I request?

The quantity will depend on the number of children that you work with. We can provide one set per child. A specific quantity can be agreed in conversation with our representative.

Are there any limitations on the use the materials?

You can use the materials for your existing or new work with children and teenagers as long as you don’t charge them for the books provided by EEM. The materials cannot be resold and exchanged for other goods or services. As a part of the order process you will be asked to sign a donation contract that will stipulate this requirement in writing.

Who is financing the project and providing the mateirals?

Eastern European Mission (EEM) is a non-profit organization providing Bibles and Christian literature in languages of Eastern and Central Europe. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of God’s Word and encourage development of Christian faith and values. The work of our organization is supported by benevolent donations of individuals from around the world.

Can I order these materials for private use?

To request materails for private use, please visit our main website, eemeurope.org – for Hungarian or for Romanian materials. We also offer a selection of ebooks. Please be advised that our main site is currently only in English and Russian.

I have another question about this project. How can I contact you?

Please head on to the Contact Us page and fill out the online form. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.